The Vehicles of the Goblin Garage

Jun 3, 2018

Welp. It seems logical that the first post introduces my vehicles. Those of you that know me personally should know that I take a certain point of pride in them. I’ve spent hours working on each of them to get them where they are today and I have hours of more work planned to get them where I want them to be.

First and foremost, Akina. My 2003 Acura RSX Type-S. #RSEX

A little history: I bought her from my friend Alex on Christmas Eve 2013. Since then I’ve driven 50,000 miles, spent a summer repainting (from black to black with purple flake), driven from Phoenix to Denver a couple times, replaced a bunch of parts – including 3 alternators which is a story for another time, & fallen more in love with each passing mile.

I’ve got a long list of things I want to do to get this car where I want it, but since my progress is dependent on free cash flow and not motivation alone, these things take time.

Second to mention are the motos! I’ve got a 2004 Honda Shadow & Kyle has a ’77 Sportster & a ’74 shovelhead. I’ve got to include his because they’re significantly cooler than mine & are all in the same garage 😉 I picked up my guy last year & have yet to do much other than the immediate bag-removal and pipe-chop. I’m planning on stripping it down & painting it similar to my car, getting new fenders & maybe a new seat. Look forward to seeing those before-and-afters. Kyle’s bikes are both in progress as well – the sportster needs to be rewired & the shovel needs a few parts… and mostlikely a carb rebuild lol. ~~Summer Projects~~

Up next is my little truck, Takumi. A ’91 Toyota pickup. 

This truck has been in my family longer than I have but has been “mine” since I was 16 & learned how to drive on it. This truck means more to me than any other possession I own & I wouldn’t sell or trade it for anything. It may not look like much but I spent what felt like a million weekends in the driveway sanding and filling until the body looked brand new again. I learned how to do an oil change, a brake job, spark plugs, and body work on this truck, among other little things. I still have to put the final paint job on which I’ll do when I have a booth again, get new wheels, and a few maintenance things. I’m excited to get going on it again & see what I can turn it into. <3

We’ve also got a 2011 Toyota Tundra sr5 4×4 that we use for romping in the snow & hauling bikes around. It’s the only automatic we have but it gets the job done & may or may not be faster than my car lol. Kyle’s pride & joy is his BMW e36 which I’m sure you’ll see on here from time to time. It’s been pretty amazing being with a guy that likes the German autos since I’ve always felt that passion and love for all things Japanese. I must say I have a newfound respect for BMW because of him. I’ll still always run on rice though. X